What Our Students Are Saying



It’s been a constant year of learning. This program has given me so much confidence and so much understanding of the hair loss and hair replacement industry. This could not have happened without Jeffrey Paul’s help. I am so grateful.

Kelli Yoder


Whatever it is you need you can literally find whatever you’re looking at Jeffrey Paul Academy because of the information Jeffrey has gathered throughout his career. This is a place of love. This is a place of service. This is a place of healing. And this is the place I truly belong. It’s all about helping others to help others.

Brent Hardgrave

"For many years, I have studied hair replacement. The major difference to Jeffrey's training is that he adds motivation and a caring spirit to the training. His follow up is also incredible!"

Roszetta Pringle
Still You Hair Replacement

"My journey started a year ago with Jeffrey Paul. I want to thank him for just being there for me. If you need a mentor and a coach and someone to lean on, I would highly recommend Jeffrey Paul. He gave me a priceless gift. "

Chris Rosenthal
Hair Extensions by Christopher Devin

"Jeffrey Paul has helped me to really take a look at myself and the possibilities of where I can take my vision, my dream, and my hope to be able to continually serve people. I am so proud to know that Jeffrey Paul is there to help me through the most difficult circumstances. "

Jackie Yates
Jackie Yates Salon

Chris & Devin Rosenthal

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